Locals at Emeril's Table

Photo credit: Anders Krusberg/Martha Stewart Living OmnimediaThis week, the Hallmark Channel will premier Emeril’s Table, a new half hour daily cooking show starring pioneer celebrity chef and restaurateur, Emeril Lagasse. 

Emeril’s Table is an informative, entertaining and interactive show, that invites a unique group of five special diners to gather at Emeril’s “table” for a themed show, that teaches techniques, shares tips and gives advice to the at-home viewers and in-studio guests.  

This Wednesday, September 28th at 11 am, in an episode title “Vinaigrettes Aren’t Just For Salads,” Emeril teaches five “recipe rut” moms, including Livingston locals, Bradi Nathan, Staci Berman, Mindy Scheier, Alison Leavy, and Helanie Kay from Upper Saddle River, the ease of making classic balsamic vinaigrette.  

So what is it like to meet a celebrity chef? According to Mindy Scheier, “The only nervousness that I felt was small because I am a HORRIBLE cook – burn spaghetti horrible!”

But Emeril was not intimidating.  Scheier says,  “Emeril was incredibly approachable and warm that any celebrity nervousness that I felt was gone in a minute. I was kind of obsessed with him by the end!”  

And she learned the essential basics, like the difference between olive oil and vegetable oil.  “I know it seems crazy, but the truth is I really didn’t know the difference. I learned the skill of mixing the products together and how one wrong pour can dramatically change the taste of your dish.”  Bradi Nathan, learned she needs to work in the kitchen a bit more, but says “[i]t was a relief to know that something (dressing) could be made with so few ingredients and in a limited time. As a mom, I tend to be overwhelmed by carpool and homework so it was a relief to learn that there is hope for my chef skills (or lack thereof).”

Professionalism and mutual respect prevailed on the set, particularly that of the assistant chef. Nathan says that “[w]hile she [the assistant chef] did not help on camera, she was there for all of the prep and ALWAYS replied, "Yes, chef."  Impressive I thought.”

There’s a bit of celebrity treatment that goes along with being “on-set.”  Bradi Nathan says, “Having hair and makeup done was almost worth the drive in NYC in itself!  We all felt like we should have gone out on a date with our husbands afterwards - then we realized we had to race home to meet the kids at the bus.”

For Bradi, the experience left a lasting impression; “It reinforced the notion that I love being with my friends - enjoying new experiences together.  As mothers we often get so wrapped up in our families. Emeril was gracious enough to have us on the show and to leave us with a lasting memory. “ 

The first season of Emeril’s Table will kick-off on the Hallmark Channel on Monday, Sept. 26 at 11:00 a.m. ET.  The episode, featuring the Livingston locals will air on Wednesday, September 28th at 11 am ET, and will also include a demonstration of a very flavorful Grilled Shrimp with Creamy Avocado Lime Vinaigrette and a truly versatile fresh Tomato Vinaigrette that’s a perfect accompaniment for fish, poultry or even a just a salad.

Oh, and I'll be on the show too.  Stay tuned for more details.