Finding Finlandia at CulinAriane

Last week, Montclair’s favorite celebrity chef, Ariane Duarte, hosted a presentation and recipe demonstration with Finlandia Cheese at CulinAriane. 


The luncheon began with a cheese tasting where Finlandia cheeses were compared to their “competitors.” The Finlandia products, particularly the Lacey Swiss, blew away the competition with depth of flavor, texture, and aroma.


Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres made with Finlandia cheeses.  Ariane shared her recipes with us, and happily, they are as easy to create as they are delicious.  The Finlandia Lacey Swiss crisps topped with oven-roasted tomatoes is a beautiful appetizer, perfect for entertaining a group, where the cheese serves as the cracker, and reveals a depth of nutty flavor.   Ariane also prepared divine and delicious Mushroom and Finlandia Swiss Tartlets, creamy, rich and perfect for Fall.

Following the tasting, Ariane demonstrated some of the recipes she developed using various Finlandia cheeses. Of particular note was the Finlandia Cheese Fondue, with Swiss, Muenster, and Gouda. Ariane used a dry white wine in her recipe, but added that a beer or a sparkling cider would be a fine substitute.

During lunch we enjoyed Prosciutto and Finlandia Grilled Gouda Cheese with a tangy olive tapenade.  This was by far my favorite, and so easy to make!  An easy accompaniment for weekend football!   Ariane created another sandwich with tender Marinated Flank Steak, Grilled Scallions and Finlandia Havarti on country white bread!  Delish!

I thoroughly enjoyed Ariane’s Jumpin’ Turkey Swiss Burgers, full of smoky cumin, and spicy jalapenos.  For a moment, I forgot it was a Turkey burger.  There was also a Muffaletta hero with Finlandia Muenster and Havarti, as well a Panko crusted, perfectly moist Chicken Saltimbocca with Finlandia Havarti.

Ariane believes “[a] big reason for the difference in taste is Finlandia’s commitment to nurturing small independent farmers who supply the company with pure, unique cheese cultures[.]”Chris Franco, President Finlandia Cheese

Finlandia aims to produce high quality cheese for everyday use, that could be enjoyed on their own or easily incorporated into recipes.  Finlandia cheeses are aged between 60 -160 days and all natural, and made with milk from cows that are not treated with rBst.  Finlandia cheeses are and always have been naturally lactose free.



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