Homemade Kahlua Recipe!

by Melody Kettle

I just spent a week in Mexico and enjoyed many a Kahlua based cocktail! On that note, please enjoy Grandma's recipe for homemade Kahlua. 

It may be a little late to have the coffee liqueur ready by Christmas, but it's a great recipe to start any time of the year! It also makes for a great side-by-side tasting. Cheers!

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Hooch! Homemade Irish Cream

by Melody Kettle

Hooch is one of Grandma's holiday concoctions I've been sipping since I was at the "kids table." 

Why do we call it "Hooch"?  I'm not exactly sure?  It more closely resembles what most recipe books refer to as "Irish Cream Liqueur." 

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Purple Pomegranate Sangria

by Melody Kettle

Melody KettleRecipe courtesy of Melody Kettle.

1 cup simple syrup (1 cup water, 1 cup granulated sugar)

1 bottle (750 ml) dry red wine, Rioja if available, otherwise any cheap jug wine will suffice

1 bottle Pomegranate Juice (8 0z.)

1 cup orange juice

¾ cup blackberry brandy

¾ cup triple sec

Orange slices, lemon slices, cubed apples, blueberries, grapes.

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The Bitter Pill

by Melody Kettle

Recipe courtesy of Evelyn Hsu-Ciszak, mixologist and sommelier at Chakra in Paramus, NJ.

1 oz. Pimm’s Cup No.1
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. Fair Trade Goji Berry Liquor
Dash of Simple Syrup
Combine all ingredients into mixing glass.
Add ice and shake vigorously.
Strain and pour over fresh ice into Collins glass.
Garnish with an orange twist.