The Beauty of Baconized Bourbon ~ The Smoky Deal Cocktail

Recipe Courtesy of Evelyn Hsu-Ciszak of Chakra in Paramus, NJ.

2 oz. Bacon Infused Bourbon*

5 Brandied Cherries

1 Orange Slice

1 teaspoon Sugar**

2 Dades Angostura Bitters

Muddle sugar, cherries and orange with bitters. 
Add infused bourbon into mixing glass. 
Add ice and shake vigorously. 
Pour into rocks glass with LARGE ice cube.
* In a process called fat washing (a method mixing fat with a spirit and then freezing it to solidify the fat to keep the flavor) Freeze batch for 48 hours. Skim off solid fat and strain to separate. May use cheesecloth or coffee filter.  
**Maple Syrup may be substituted for one teaspoon of sugar.