To Brine Or Not To Brine, That Is The Question!!!

Photo Courtesy of Chef Johnny JArticle submitted by Chef Johnny J

Ahhhh yes, it is that time of year again where Chef and home cooks alike savor the chance to prepare the perfect bird! Now I have heard it all, “too dry, no flavor, missing something”….yada yada yada! Well, lucky for you I have a solution, a brining solution. Relax, I know, “brining solution” is a big fancy Chef term that scares the heck out of home cooks however, it is so simple to do and the results are amazing. You will be taking home the blue ribbon this Thanksgiving from all of your friends and family!

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What Kind of TOOL Makes Wine in the Desert?

The following post was submitted and written by Culinary Mercenary:

Ah, wine country.  The beautiful vineyards, the relaxing atmosphere, the wonderfully colorful people and the amazing landscape; Arizona is truly a remarkable place.  Whoa!!  Arizona?!?   Hell yes I say, Arizona.  Welcome to the new wine country, here in the Verde Valley in northern Arizona. 

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Out of the Frying Pan: The Battle of the House - Front V.S. BACK

Guest editorial submitted by Chef J.J.

We all know about some famous battles in our nation’s history; Gettysburg, the Alamo, the Battle at Wounded Knee, even Run D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys but no battle is fiercer, more intense than the longest ongoing battle ever. The battle of the front and back of the house!!!!

First let me define the opposing teams, what they consist of, and the battle field.

 Team FOH (Front of the house) is led by a Manager, look at the manager as a 4-star general, the Commander if you will. Well groomed and riding so “high on his horse”. His Army, aka the wait staff is a hardworking bunch that makes up most of the army with a few higher ranked positions in between. The problem is that they are unreliable most of the time and can be sidetracked by the smallest interference. Some have even been known to leave their posts during battle and never seen again!

The Hostess represents the team and is usually well manicured and pleasant, the bartender is a glass hoarder who is usually stern with the “soldiers” and doesn’t take lightly to jokes and horseplay during battle but is the first to celebrate once the fight is over. Win or lose!

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Out of the Frying Pan: Chef or Mad Scientist?

Guest editorial submitted by Chef J.J.

Science and food, do they go hand and hand? More than we know. The advent of molecular gastronomy has brought the most fascinating and mysterious ideas to life. The appearance of these dishes is just as amazing as the flavors they possess but is there a market, better yet an interest in this type of cuisine?

Deconstructions, faux caviar, foams, reductions and most of the time trickery. It almost seems as if the Chef is having his way with you.

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