Out of the Frying Pan: Chef or Mad Scientist?

Guest editorial submitted by Chef J.J.

Out of Frying Pan carrot molecular.jpg

Science and food, do they go hand and hand? More than we know. The advent of molecular gastronomy has brought the most fascinating and mysterious ideas to life. The appearance of these dishes is just as amazing as the flavors they possess but is there a market, better yet an interest in this type of cuisine?

Deconstructions, faux caviar, foams, reductions and most of the time trickery. It almost seems as if the Chef is having his way with you.

It looks like caviar, it pops like caviar, but its carrot juice mixed with sodium alginate? After mixed and dropped slowly into a water and calcium chloride bath. The sodium alginate will gel around the drops of juice and forms a flavorless casing if you will, which holds the shape. Crazy to watch it made and even crazier to taste. Maybe it’s me, maybe I am just old school but if it looks like caviar, I want it to taste like caviar. Not like a carrot.

However more and more of these restaurants are popping up all over the world and now here in the U.S.  Is this something you might be interested in trying?  Is our buck too tight to go roll the dice on some mad scientist (Chef)?

Here's your opportunity to sound off!  Tell us what you think about molecular gastronomy!