Out of the Frying Pan: Culinary Mercenary


Please enjoy another installment of Out of the Frying Pan.  Today's entry is from Culinary Mercenary!


Mission: Introduction to the beginning of free thinking…

Objective: To serve and protect


What is food?  Is it simply fuel that drives a body, or is it merely the necessary nourishment needed to survive?  Negative; it is something much, much more.  Humans are the only creatures known that take eating to a level of creativity and passion that no other species can.   We eat for enjoyment, we eat for comfort, we eat when we are happy and we eat when we are sad.  Sometimes we eat when we are bored, which is disgusting and a whole other conversation.  But unlike any other species we establish culture around food, we establish an industry surrounding food and what we eat as diners is out of choice not necessity, but it’s owning that choice that differs us so greatly from any other form of life. 

                  Choice; it’s a simple word that we take for granted most of the time.  We choose to eat the things we eat, and we choose to buy the things we buy, so why do we constantly choose mediocrity.  We are living in an economic time that has only been matched by the great depression, yet we still choose to not support our local food resources.  No, I don’t mean just restaurants but our farmers and farmers markets as well.  Supporting local business is admirable, taking that a step further and supporting our local farmers, breeders and ecosystem is honorable.  We are proud residents of the “Garden State”, take advantage of that, take advantage of the mass amounts of produce and product that we have at our finger tips. 

Change; is coming and is in all of us, and we can do it together.  Next time you are out to eat, question where your food is coming from.  Why would you want to eat lamb that was raised three thousand miles away in Australia when you can have a better, healthier and safer product raised right here in NJ!  Why do you want to eat tomatoes in January, you know they have been picked green and gassed to ripen on a truck.  That’s not even a tomato, it’s a farfetched memory of what a tomato is.  Question your choices, question your decisions, question your servers and chefs and most importantly question your food. 

                  I believe in supporting your local community, always have and always will.  Question the things in life that others may ignore or take for granted.  And never stop being creative and experimental, that my dear friends is what I love about being a Chef.  Choice-Questioning-Creativity

Viva la Cuisine!!

Culinary Mercenary………