Top 5 Thanksgiving Beers from Amanti Vino


With Thanksgiving goes football, and with football goes beer.  So, what beer goes with Thanksgiving?  

I consulted my local expert,  Sharon Sevrens, proprietor of Montclair's Amanti Vino.  The team at Amanti put their heads together, and here are their top five suggestions for beer on Thanksgiving. 

Top Five Thanksgiving Beers

1. Etienne Dupont Brut Cidre Bouche de Normandie.

Sparkling, earthy, complex -with a balance of sweet/tart/dry. 5.5% abv   $12.99/750ml

2. Farnum Hill Extra Sparkling Dry Cider.

From Poverty Lane Orchards, New Hampshire. Crisp, complex, palate cleansing, 7.5% abv  $13.99/750ml

3. Ama Bionda from Amarcord Brewery. 

Italy. Floral, golden, artisanal table beer made with Orange blossom honey. 6% abv  $4.99/355ml


4. Brooklyn Brown Ale.

American Brown Ale, hopped more than English style. 5.6% abv  $10.28 /6pk

5. Brawler Ale from Yards Brewing.

English style dark, mild ale 4.2% abv  $10.98/6pk