The Tewksbury Inn, Oldwick, NJ


Many people view the Tewksbury Inn as a fancy, upscale restaurant that only serves expensive wines and fancy entrees: a place to go for special occasions. In reality, it is a fantastic neighborhood restaurant that is waiting to be discovered by you! 

With it’s deep chocolate-colored ceiling beams, classic antique looking bar and formal dining room, the Tewks, as it's known by locals,  offers a beautiful array of culinary delights in a quaint, country atmosphere. Locals dressed in riding boots or jeans pop in for perfectly cooked entrees, while others sporting much fancier attire can also be found enjoying the food. Here, traditional meets gourmet and makes for a wonderful dining experience.

As a local, I have had many great meals there: from luscious short ribs, to succulent chicken, to the amazing sesame glazed salmon. The wine list is wonderful and so is the Old Fashioned.  I could go on forever about the brilliant entrees offered, but I feel inclined to mention the most life-altering, delicious experience that I have had at the Tewks – a hamburger.


Say what? A burger? A hamburger for me is about simplicity and the one that I enjoyed was orgasmic.  Quality meat loaded with fantastic flavor combinations: truly, heaven on a plate.  This quintessential burger is made from simple chuck meat, served with fries that are finished with truffle-infused sea-salt.  As the Executive Chef, Chris Quintile, says,  "you also have to eat the pickle - it’s the perfect ending"  and, a happy one, I might add.  Chris further recommends a Pilsner as the ideal drink-companion, and he is totally right.


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the executive chef to talk about his restaurant. Chris is a born and raised Jersey boy from Clinton and has been working at the Tewksbury Inn for 10 years. He is a very personable, easy going chef who just “knows how to cook.” We talked about and sampled his favorite olive oil (Academia Barilla D.OP Monti Iblei Gulfi); I learned that the Filet Mignon au Poivre  (a filet mignon with a herbed risotto cake, roasted shallots, green beans and a brandy cream sauce) is his favorite dish on the menu.  His philosophy is that simple cooking just tastes better. Chris sources the majority of his produce from local farms, bread from local bakeries, and fish and meat from New Jersey stores as well. As a result, everything at the Tewksbury Inn is fresh and simply delicious.


The Tewksbury Inn is located in the center of Oldwick and has been welcoming guests since the 1700’s.  If you’re looking for a wonderful small town, gourmet-eating experience, look no further then the Tewksbury Inn! The menu is filled with so many delicious items and you can even order a burger (tip: don’t be afraid to ask, it’s not on the menu).  

The Tewksbury Inn
55 Old Turnpike Rd. Oldwick, NJ 08858