Tuesday Boozeday: Rye For Fall & Winter Cocktails

In my humble opinion, to my taste, Rye Whiskey is the hard stuff of choice for cocktails during the winter months.

It is a classic American whiskey, although there is also Canadian Rye.

Here are some cocktail recipes and some recommendations on brands of Rye to try. We also share our recipe for Date Infused Rye Whiskey.

My interest in Rye was  piqued by an Eben Freeman cocktail at Tailor in NY city. It was made of Date Infused Rye and was very delicious. 

I soon realized that Rye whiskeys spanned a very broad price range, from as little as 12 bucks to over 100. I started with Rittenhouse which goes for about $22 a fifth. This is a pretty good Rye, but I have found better.

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