Where's the QBA Sign?

by Melody Kettle

QBA A Cuban Kitchen, 128 Watchung Avenue, Montclair, NJThis past February, Lynna Martinez, owner of the much acclaimed QBA Food Truck, opened a brick and mortar establishment, QBA A Cuban Kitchen, at 128 Watchung Avenue, the former site of Orbis.

But this weekend, you may have noticed the colorful and lively QBA sign missing from the edifice of QBA. With the recent rash of closings and re-openings, what could be the reason for this?

According to Martinez:

[T]he town received a complaint from a local business owner/resident who demanded that we take down our sign because it was out of ordinance/code.

The two violations cited: "qba" was illuminated from within and it was a few inches larger than the height allowed.

I am getting ready to hang "qba" in a new spot, and in fact, this may be a better spot. As you may have also noticed, since spring kicked into action, the tree in front of my restaurant covers most of my sign from April through November, so perhaps this complaint to take down my sign may be a blessing in disguise.

The town gave me the option to take legal action against the complaint or to file a variance, etc. But I don't have much time or money to be fighting such legal battles, nor the inclination to do so. I'd rather use my energy on building my business and on more positive endeavors.

QBA is a BYO. For menu, click here. Remember, you can follow the food truck through twitter at @qbacubankitchen.