Greetings From Sonoma!

Spring is in full bloom in New Jersey; peonies are blooming and fruit is growing! But ever wonder what the vineyards in Sonoma look like at this time of year?

Jeff Kunde at Kunde Family Estate sent us an update.  Here's what he had to say:

It has been a very cool Spring this year and today, May 31, we are getting unseasonable rain showers. This time of year weather plays a major role in what we call "setting the crop".  The grapes are starting to bloom.  This is when the grape bunch actually goes into a flowering stage and the crop is set due to self pollination.  If bad weather hits during this period, it can knock off the individual flowering berries and thus you are left with stringy clusters and virtually no crop.  Here at the estate we are only about 1% into bloom with our Chardonnay so no damage done.  I have heard however that there are other vineyards in Sonoma & Napa that are much further along in bloom and could be having some considerable damage.  Time will tell, we really don't know the outcome until a later date.

 Check out more great pics in the gallery!

*All photos courtesy of Jeff Kunde.