What Coffee Do You Brew?

I love coffee almost as much as I love wine. In fact, I’m not much of a likable person before I’ve had my double shot in the morning.

I grind and brew Kirkland Guatemalan whole beans - yes, Kirkland!  So I wonder, what brand of coffee does Baristaville brew?

If you happen to be a fan of Eight O’clock Coffee, you've got an opportunity to "Snag a Bag."

Eight O'Clock coffee has created personality descriptions for 11 of their coffee varieties.  Until March 31, the 151 year old brand is running an 8-day Facebook promotion where fans of the brand's Facebook page comment below the SNAG A BAG  photo they love best. Each day for 8 days, Eight O'Clock Coffee will give one commenting fan per photo a free bag of coffee. In total, fans will snag 88 bags of "The Eight."

So who do you brew? Kirland, Gevalia, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Nescafe, Foldgers?  Let me know below!