Oolong Scallop with Lychee Sorbet & Lemongrass Espuma

Oolong TeaRecipe is courtesy of Chef Tre Ghoshal

Its components are: 1 U-10 Dry Sea Scallop cooked en sous vide, and then seared 2. an aromatic oolong broth 3. tobiko caviar 4. rice vermicelli 5. lychee sorbet 6. carrot-daikon ribbons dressed in yuzu 7. lemongrass espuma

 Dry Sea Scallop
1 ziploc vacuum sealed plastic bag
12 cups water
Prepare the water in a deep sauce pan, over a medium high flame and stabalize the temperature of the water to 155 degrees F (you will need to bring the flame down to very low once the desired temperature is achieved). Place the scallop in the platic bag, seal, and extract the air from the bag with the vacuum, umtil all the air is out and the bag is wrapped tightly over the scallop. Place the bag in the saucepan, the internal temperature of the water should go down to 148 degrees F.  Poach the scallop en sous vide for 25 minutes, being sure to adjust the flame slightly if needed in order to maintain the 148 degrees F temperature. Transfer the bag directly to an ice bath and allow the scallop to rest in the bath for atleast 10 minutes before searing.
Oolong Broth
12 cups water
6 bags tazo Chinese Oolong Tea
2 stalks lemongrass cut in half
5 T sliced ginger root
2 leaves Japanese shiso leaf cut cheffanoide
1/8 cup low sodium soy sauce
4 T granulated sugar

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