Cabin Fever? What Should We Eat?

We're in luck! I hear there's a storm brewing and it's headed our way. 

This winter we've shoveled our way through quite a few snowy, gray, sleeticeish days.  So many in fact that I'm beginning to fear the onset of cabin fever, or even worse, the dreaded S.A.D. 

But I'm a nester with more fight than flight, so my fridge and pantry will be plentifully prepared. 

Some professionals recommend vitamin B12, and amino acid rich proteins, while others say that carb cravings are an absolutely sensible evolutionary development.  Still others suggest winter walks, and if you really want to protect yourself against a hellacious bout of winter madness, you can purchase a full spectrum S.A.D. lamp! 

So I'm curious, which foods, (and possibly beverages), do you rely on to stave off cabin fever?