Hot From The Kettle™: "Down Neck" With Friends - Part 2

The first time Hot From The Kettle went “Down Neck”, we were joined by Baristaville locals, Anne Prince, Donato DiGeronimo, and Frank “Frank GG” Gerard Godlewski.

My companions and I visited Fornos of Spain, discussed the history of the Ironbound section, and enjoyed a pitcher (or two) of Sangria.

In today’s segment, we meet the owner Camillo Rodrigues and his son, Andres. Andres, the manager of Fornos, explains to us how their paella is made.

While at Fornos, we also met an Ironbound local, and unexpectedly encounter a vistor (actually, two bus loads of visitors) from Pennsylvania.

Following our meal, Anne, Donnie and I set out for walk through the Ironbound section. 

Please enjoy Part 2: Going Down Neck! 


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