Meatless Monday – Savoring the Shore Cookbook

Savoring the Shore.jpg

Born in an effort to help with Hurricane Sandy Relief, Savoring the Shore is a community cookbook full of recipes that celebrate the Jersey Shore. Some recipes are signature dishes from local restaurants, some are family recipes that have been passed down for generations and others are fresh twists on classic New Jersey fare.

All proceeds from the book's sale benefit Hurricane Sandy relief and rebuilding efforts for the Garden State.

Celebrity chefs such as Top Chef Judge Tom Colicchio, Best Chefs American 2013 honoree Chef Mike Jurusz and Bobby Flay Throwdown winner Chef Drew Araneo have contributed recipes to Savoring the Shore, as have Chef Eric LeVine from the Morris Tap and Grill, Chef Barret Beyer from Hell's Kitchen Season 11 and Top Chef Masters Chef David Burke. I'm thrilled to say that I also have not one but three recipes in Savoring the Shore. Of course, this isn't a vegan or even vegetarian cookbook, but I'm exc to be in such great company, and I'm happy to be the vegan presence in an omnivore book.

The Savoring the Shore cookbook is available on the Savoring the Shore website as well as on Amazon.