Meatless Monday - Curried Coconut Spinach & Chickpeas

Curried Coconut Chickpeas & Spinach.jpg

It seems that no one has told Mother Nature that March is here and spring is just around the corner, because the cold weather just doesn’t seem to stop. This recipe for curried coconut spinach with chickpeas is hearty and comforting and perfect for chilly evenings. This is a thick curry that can be eaten with a fork, rather than a spoon. Serve it over baked sweet potatoes or brown rice for a complete meal. This dish is based on a recipe I found on



  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 medium-sized onion
, chopped
  • 4 large cloves garlic, minced

  • 2 tablespoons grated ginger
  • ½ teaspoon red pepper flakes, or to taste
  • 2 medium tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 ½ cups or one15-ounce can chickpeas, drained

  • 14-ounce can coconut milk

  • 1 – 1 ½ tablespoons red curry paste, to taste
  • ½ teaspoon cumin powder
  • 1 pound baby spinach

  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt



  1. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium-high heat. Add the onion and cook for about 5 minutes, until it begins to brown.
  2. Add the garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes and cook for about 3 minutes, until the garlic and ginger, stirring frequently.
  3. Add the tomatoes, coconut milk, chickpeas, curry paste and cumin to the pot and let simmer for about 10 minutes.
  4. Add the spinach to the pot. This may need to be done in batches. Stir until wilted.
  5. Add the lemon juice and sea salt and give it one last stir.
  6. Serve over baked sweet potatoes, roasted russet potatoes or a whole grain such as brown rice or quinoa.


Serves 4