Montclair's Sexiest Restaurant Poll

Samba Montclair, Photo Credit: Gerard MarrazzoWhat makes a restaurant sexy?  According to UrbanSpoon,  Nauna's tops the list of Montclair Romantic Restaurants.  But, like my Grandma always said, "to each, his own."

"Sexy" could be very subjective.  But there are certain objective cosiderations when defining what makes a restaurant sexy?  Aesthetics are huge; lighting seems a natural  criteria, as would the aroma of a restaurant.  Interior design, decor, color scheme, and overall comfort may also be considered. Some patrons may be completely turned off if the chairs are too hard, or if the tables are too small or worse - wobbly.

And who could forget the staff! For some, the attentiveness, and even the attractiveness of the wait staff is a consideration.  And, of course, there's always the quality of the fare.

I think balance is sexy; great lighting won't make bad food taste good.  But, on the same note, great food eaten under flourescent lighting, just isn't sexy. 

When trying to compile a list of Montclair's Sexiest Restaurants, Montclair's hottest newcomer, Samba, led the charge.  At Samba, soft, golden lighting, flickering candles, and over-all charm, woo me.   Then, of course, there is the acclaimed, restaurant Blu, whose food is as sexy as they dark lighting.

What do you think makes a restaurant sexy? Take the poll below and cast your vote for Montclair's Sexiest Restaurant: