New Cupcakes on Church Street

Do you know about the RidgeClair Food Share? Let me explain: In early December, we learned that Montclair’s favorite diner, Raymond’s, has plans to take it’s French Toast and seltzer-bottle-flare to Ridgewood.  Then, later in December, we told you that our beloved Brick Lane  Curry House was opening another location in Ridgewood. And now, in the new year, the RidgeClair Food Share continues.  Cupcakes by Carousel, which operates a retail bake shop in Ridgewood, is opening an outpost in Montclair, which is their third location.

Where will the new sweet shop be? You guessed it!  Church Street!  Cupcakes by Carousel is setting up shop in the space at 25 Church Street, formerly occupied by Cupcakes Galore.

Carousel Cakes, the parent company of Cupcakes by Carousel, is a successful veteran of the baking business. Carousel Cakes, has been making and selling cakes wholesale for over thirty years, and also happens to be the maker and baker of Oprah’s favorite red velvet cake featured in O magazine.

In addition to the Ridgewood shop and the upcoming Montclair shop, Cupcakes by Carousel also operates a shop in Englewood, NJ.  According to Nancy Finkelstein, who is a co-owner at Cupcakes by Carousel, along with Howy Lefkowitz and David Finkelstein, their cupcakes are distinguished from others because they are made from traditional cake mix rather than cupcake mix, which yields a much lighter cupcake. 

I took a quick peek at their menu.  It offers Classic, Red Velvet, Signature, Holiday, and Specialty Cupcakes.  The Classics are priced at $2.25 each / $24 per dozen.  Pre-packaged Baby Cakes, priced at $12.95 per dozen,  Layer Cakes and Custom Decorated Cakes are also available. 

The item I found most interesting (and most tempting) is their Icing Shots at $1.00 and Icing Shots with Toppings at $1.25!  I’ve never had an Icing Shot, but the child in me can only imagine.  Admittedly, when I pick up a cupcake, all I’m after is the frosting.  I’ve begrudgingly behaved like an adult and chomped down the cake multitudes of time, just to have a few licks of decadent sprinkle topped icing.  Therefore, I say, BRILLIANT!  Bring on the Icing Shots!

Cupcakes by Carousel  will not bake at the Montclair premise, but rather at the Carousel baking location in Nanuet, NY.  From there, the confections will be delivered fresh, daily to all three shops.  Cupcakes by Carousel expects to be open by February 1.