Mondo Recipe Exclusive

As we reported last week, Gencarelli’s Cucina has changed its name to Mondo, and is serving up dishes inspired by world flavors. 

What does that mean? Here’s an example: Fettuccine Ameritanea, a riff on the traditional southern Italian dish Amatriciana. Chef Joe Stivala amped up the classic recipe by adding a few flavor-packed twists. 

If you can’t make it to Mondo to enjoy Chef Joe’s dish served with homemade Fettuccine, he was kind enough to share his recipe with us.  Give it a try!

Ingredients: one serving

1/3 lb. homemade, fresh semolina fettuccine pasta

2 tablespoons Extra Virgin olive oil, extra for drizzle

1 garlic clove sliced thin

5 Cippolini onions- parboiled

2 slices of applewood bacon – julienned

4 San Marzano Italian plum tomatoes (canned) – crushed by hand with the juices

Locatelli Romano cheese

3 basil leaves – chiffonade

1 teaspoon Italian flat-leaf parsley – chopped

Salt & pepper to taste


Get sauté pan hot and add the olive oil, heat oil to almost smoking, reduce heat to medium high then add sliced garlic, cippolini onions and bacon, till all are golden color – 2 min or so.  Add tomatoes, and cook till heated thru about 3 min, then add the basil, parsley, cheese and s & p.  Reduce heat to medium, while pasta is cooked in boiling water for 2 min – al dente.  Add pasta to the sauce with a tablespoon of pasta water and heat another minute till done.  Serve in pasta bowl topped with cheese, crispy bacon and basil chiffonade with an EVOO drizzle.          Buon appetite!