Duck meatballs stuffed with a dollop of foie gras

Recipe is courtesy of Daniel Lanzliotta, The Mindful Chef.
2-large duck breast
freshly made bread crumbs (loaf of ciabatta bread)
2-3 natural brown eggs
medium size chuck of foie gras
1/4-1/2 cup of parsley
s and p
all purpose flour for dusting
rendered duck fat (as much as one can get from the trimmings)
1/4 cup of grape seed oil
ceramic pan  or pot for sauteing
Your favorite red sauce homemade or otherwise (made in advance) and your favorite fresh pasta timed to be cooked as the duck meatballs finish in the sauce.
1- In a food processor make a bb sizes bread crumb fro the ciabatta loaf of bread. make about 1-2 cups and hold to side
2- Trim excessive fat around duck breast by turning duck breat skin side down and trimming all around both breast save and use to render fat.
3- Turn duck breat flesh side down and cut 1/8 " of fat parallel to the cutting board. Save fat. Remove any feather nubs from duck breast and discard.
3- On a low heat in a small saute pan render fat on the low heat. Collect as much fat as possible. When duck fat turns brown remove and discard.
4- Cut both duck breat into one inch strips.
5- Pass duck breast meat through meat grinder using a medium sized die. you are essentially making ground meat.
6- In a bowl mix together a  balance of bread crumbs and ground duck meat. Making sure it is not toowet or too dry.
7- Add one whole egg and mix into ground duck and bread crumbs. Again checking for the perfect balance of both. If too b\wet add some bread crumbs.
8- Mix a 1/8 cup parsley. Check for proper balance of green to red. Add more parsley if you need to balance the color green to red.
9- Salt and pepper to taste. Make a patty and saute until completely cooked. taste for seasoning. Correct rest of mixture if needed.
10- Make one inch or slightly larger duck meatballs. first start by making half a meatball and indent with your index finger in center of duck meatball. Fill with foie gras. Cover rest
     of meatball with duck meatball meat and form into duck meat balls.
11- Repeat this over and over till all those babies are done.
12- Dust duck meatballs with flour.
13- In a ceramic skillet or pot heat oil and test small piece of ground duck to see if it is the correct temperature. Just slightly brown all duck meatballs. DO NOT OVER COOK!
14. Put browned meatballs into your favorite red sauce homemade or otherwise. Simmer until duck meat balls are completely cooked about 25 minuets. Serve over your favorite fresh pasta. Dried pasta if it has to come to that. Great on fresh ravioli as well.
The foie gras will melt to some degree in the sauce but OMG what a melt it is. A sprinkle of your favorite grating cheese to top it off. Voila!
If you like Daniel's recipe, check out his YouTube page.