Thanksgiving Recipe: Drunkin' Punkin' Pots de Crème

Here's throwback Thanksgiving recipe from Chef Mike Carrino.  This classic Carrino dates back to pre-Pig & Prince days, when he owned and operated, Passionne, an intimate BYOB restaurant on Walnut Street in Montclair.  The recipe is as good today as it was then.  Give it a try: 

Yields 6

Requires 6 ceramic 6 ounce ramekins


2 cups heavy cream

6 ounces milk

½ vanilla bean (1tsp vanilla extract if vanilla bean is not available)

5 ounces dark brown sugar

3 ounces Dark Rum

10 egg yolks

8 ounces of canned Pumpkin puree

Pinch of salt

½ tsp fresh lemon juice


Bring cream, milk, vanilla, sugar and rum to a boil in a medium sauce   pot on medium heat.  In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg yolks,   pumpkin puree, salt and lemon juice.  Slowly combine the hot cream   mixture into the egg yolk mixture.

Strain the mixture through a fine  strainer and divide evenly in 6  ramekins.  Bake at 330 for  approximately 30-35 minutes in a water bath  covered with foil.  To tell  when they are done, tap the side of the  ramekin and if the custard  jiggles back and forth only one or twice they  are ready to come out.   Allow to cool at room temperature for about 30  minutes.  Place in  refrigerator. Chill for two hours, (this will help to  stop the pots de  crème from cracking similar to a cheese cake).  Serve  with whipped  cream or powdered sugar or eggnog or a holiday rum  coffee-drink.

Recipe Courtesy fo Chef Michael Carrino