The Ultimate Cupcake: The Sweet Spot in Chester


If I were to tell you that I recently had THE BEST CUPCAKE EVER, would you believe me? I know that this is a big claim … but I swear this cupcake lives up to it: The Salted Caramel Cupcake from The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe in Chester, NJ. I don’t know how to describe it in a way that will convince you that it’s almost life changing –I promise I’m not overselling this – if you like cupcakes, this one is dressed to impress.

salted caramel upper left

salted caramel upper left

I recently sat down with Cheryl Burger, the owner of The Sweet Spot to learn about her cupcakes and how she got into the sweet-making business. Cheryl is a Long Valley native who attended Rutgers University and fell into real estate. After realizing that she had no passion for the real estate profession, she teamed up with her sister Caroline and opened The Sweet Spot in 2010. Neither sister had any formal training in the culinary world and this venture was a complete leap of faith.


The store opened in February and immediately started creating a buzz around town. Their chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were perfectly delicious – they taste homemade and it’s obvious that there isn’t a trace of pre-made icing or preservatives-- just real ingredients and sweet luscious icing. As Cheryl says, “ they bring you right back to being a kid.” Her cupcakes are just like the ones she enjoyed growing up.

Opening the shop and having local residents fall in love with her cupcakes was just the tip off the iceberg. Cheryl’s sister and staff convinced her to apply to compete in The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Cheryl was convinced that they wouldn’t be chosen to compete and to prove it, she promised her staff that she would take them on a fully paid for trip to Disney if they won. This promise turned out to be “the most expensive day of my life!” laughed Cheryl. Not only did The Sweet Spot get accepted, Cheryl and Caroline won! The first episode starring their win was aired on a Sunday night and by Monday morning, their business exploded! They couldn’t keep cupcakes on the shelves. The whole story gives me goose bumps.  

Cheryl sources her eggs locally and has teamed up with Eat Local NJ ( in an effort to promote local farms and artisan food makers. In addition, The Sweet Spot recently opened a party room where they host story time, lady’s night out, cake decorating classes and birthday parties. From the basic sprinkle-topped cakes to more complicated fondant cupcakes, kids and people of all ages can learn how to decorate cupcakes, cakes or cookies with all of their friends. The Sweet Spot also bakes amazing cookies, cakes and chocolates. 



The Sweet Spot is my number one place to get cupcakes in New Jersey. These baked, sweet carbohydrates really are the ultimate treat –Delicious!

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The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe

57 Main Street

Chester, NJ 07930