Popping-Up On Walnut Street

Blue J Syrups

Blue J Syrups

Not as pretentious as Church Street,  nor as urban as Bloomfield Ave., Walnut Street is hip, diverse, artsy, and embodies that certain je ne sais quoi of Montclair cool.   

It's of little surprise that local entrepreneurs, Selma Avdicevic (owner of Woolly Boo) and Helene Richman (owner of brandhelene), chose Walnut Street  for their first Montclair Pop- Up.  The Montclair Pop-Up 2013,  located at 102 Walnut Street, will open on  Friday, November 22.

The Pop-Up,  a new retail concept for Montclair "is an innovative strategy for breathing new life into empty retail spaces and re-imagining their potential." 

“We believe Montclair’s retail landscape will greatly benefit from this idea. This will at the same time be an exciting retail space where consumers can purchase unique products, as well as collaborative space for the community,” says Helene Richman.

4Generations Studio

4Generations Studio

According to the owners, "Montclair Pop-Up will be curated to compliment the residential and existing retail spaces, and will help to increase the neighborhood profile by positioning Walnut Street as more than a “restaurant row”.  

So what can the food enthusiast find at Montclair Pop-Up?  A cornucopia of goods! Artisanal products from Blue J Syrups, Busted Barrel Rum, The Chocolate Path, in addition to gorgeous handmade aprons, dinner party invitations,  and fun foodie jewelry (I scored a peachy penguin necklace).

Foodie jewelry from Glitterlimes

Foodie jewelry from Glitterlimes

“It brings me a great pleasure to finally see this idea come to fruition. Also, it is wonderful to work with a landlord who sees the potential and is trusting this new, unexplored concept,” says Selma Avdicevic.

Landlord, Mitch MacGregor says: “We are very excited to enter into this venture with Helene and Selma. We think it is going to be fantastic.”

More information can be found at: http://www.montclairpopup.com/. Updates daily at the Montclair Pop-Up Facebook page and Twitter feed. 

Montclair Pop Up

102 Walnut Street

Montclair, NJ 07042