Favorite 5: Beers of Summer


Rosé is trending -  but, frankly, I prefer beer. It goes better with my brats, compliments my cut-offs, and doesn't snark at my flip-flops and green Vermont baseball hat.  In short:  Beer enjoys the moment without pretension, while rose, arguably, represents seasonal marketing for those seeking the "rosé state of mind."  

There are a lot of summer beers out there, and I revel in the research, development and compilation of such lists.  Many beers have been enjoyed, while others, most notably Long Trail's Belgian White and Leinenkugel's 
Summer Shandy, were disappointing.  

Here's HFTK Favorite 5 Beers of Summer (thus far): 

1. Blue Moon Belgian White - With a slice of orange, there's no beating it anytime of year!  Golden, CO

2. Brooklyn Summer Ale, Utica, NY

3. The Alchemist Heady Topper, Waterbury, VT

4. Cricket Hill Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale, Fairfield, NJ

5. Magic Hat #9, So. Burlington, VT

What are your summer favorites?