The Accidental Farmer, South Hero, Vermont

The Accidental Farmer adjacent to Allenholm Farm in South Hero, Vermont. 

The Accidental Farmer adjacent to Allenholm Farm in South Hero, Vermont. 

Comprised of an old Dodge van, a white tent, grill, a refrigerator, and lots of rectangular containers, The Accidental Farmer has set up shop next to the Allenholm Farm petting zoo.   From this dusty South Hero road,   pulled pork cubans with Thai cole slaw, and blue heron with mixed greens and lentils with tamarind dressing are served up freshly and with efficiency. 

 The Accidental Farmer fare could hardly be considered ordinary farm stand cuisine.  There are no maple creamies (although you could score one inside the Allenholm farm store), no apple crisps, bags of apples, or plastic bears filled with honey.  The Accidental Farmer's cuisine may best be described as global-farmstand-fusion, or, if that's a bit too pretentious, calling it good food will do. 

The menu incorporates local product from places like Canamak Farms in Grand Isle,  offers daily specials like a tangy and tender asian marinated beef wrap with thai cole  slaw ($7), portobello philly sandwich ($7),  sausage and peppers, and a thick, juicy grass fed burger, a delicious bargain at $6,75.  

There's much more to this story, I'm sure.  Questions like why the owner (who is the owner, anyway?) accidentally became a farmer, and does the produce come from his farm still linger.  But, hey, I was on vacation.  

If you find yourself cruising the Champlain Valley, keep your eyes peeled and follow the corner signs to The Accidental Farmer - and then pet an animal after you've finished eating.