Ramen, Gelato, Toys, & More: Babo Teahouse Opens in Montclair

On Monday, Babo Teahouse opened it's doors on Walnut Street in Montclair. This is the second location for Babo, following their first location in Jersey City.

The atmosphere is vaguely hipster.  A chalk board wall menu offers seemingly endless bubble tea options, along with ramen, shu mai, and other savory options - like thai tofu wraps.  The gelato - of many flavors -  looks gorgeous behind the refrigerated counter, while the ubiquitous Pocky sticks, a shelf of action figures, and a wall of mini-toy vending machines fill out the space. 

The staff are friendly, and the service is fast. Most ironically (for Montclair ramen lovers), is that the ramen is served in to-go containers!  Seriously, though, that's for good reason, as seating is very limited, and a large take-out business is anticipated. 

Here's a quick peek inside: 


Babo Teahouse

102 Walnut St 

Montclair, NJ 07042

(973) 893-5221