Califon General Store: The M.O.A.B. Sandwich


If fat indeed equates flavor, this small town breakfast sandwich is exploding with both. It’s called “The Big Boy.”

Layered with sausage, Taylor ham, eggs and bacon, I call it “a heart attack on a bun” and to this my husband always replies, “sometimes we just need to eat food that shortens our lives but makes us happy.” This “Big Boy” definitely has a enough calories to last you a week and I am always amazed that even my kids can eat this much food in one sitting --but they always manage to scarf their fair share of breakfast sandwich at an alarmingly fast rate. I almost have to restrain them from licking the plate…clearly, it’s worth it.


This M.O.A.B.S is made at The Califon General Store located in (obviously) Califon. Owners Bill and Cynthia Pirog have been serving up breakfast and lunch since 2007. Here, nice people make really good comfort food in a warm, casual and familiar atmosphere. Just remember, if you stop in to enjoy this M.O.A.B.S, be sure you don’t have an appointment with your cardiologist soon after.