Throwback Video: Maui's Dog House in N. Wildwood

Maui and Liz

Maui and Liz

Meet Michael "Maui" D'Antuono.  He's a “Tubular Meat Renaissance Man” and believes the finest two words in the English language are “encased meat.”  My kinda guy! 

Maui’s Dog House is a family business owned and operated by Maui and his wife, Liz D’Antuono.  Maui’s nickname came from years of working as a chef at the Grand Wailea in Maui.  

Maui's Sausage Sopramo.jpg

Maui's Dog House, which serves its weenies in plastic dog bowls, is such a sensation in south Jersey it warranted  a visit from Guy Fieri of Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.  

What makes Maui's weenie so special? Maui’s sources its hot dogs from a private label New York butcher, and has its bread delivered fresh daily.

The names of the hot dogs are inspired and suggestive, all the toppings are all home made, and check out the prices – a huge value!  Here’s an excerpt:

Drunk Smokin' Horse.jpg

Drunken Smoking Horse, Who could imagine such a thing but we did, Just layer this: KILLER Horsey Mustard, BEER soaked kraut & top with bacon for the full "Not low fat effect " $4.50  

FORGET - ABOUT- IT - Our spicy ground beef sauce (Chili), raw onion, our spicy mustard, globs of cheese all gently livin' with a layer of sprinkled fresh cooked bacon :  It's Just Art !!! $4.50

Click here for the entire menu.

Watch the video to go inside the doghouse.

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