Meatless Monday: SO Tasty Vegan Pop-Up Dinner at Trattoria Rustica

by Dianne Wenz

Montclair is about to get a little more vegan-friendly! Sally Owens of SO Tasty Vegan will be cooking up delicious vegan and gluten-free dinners every Wednesday night at Trattoria Rustica. Dinner will begin at 7:00pm and will be a pre fixe four-course meal.

SO Tasty Vegan’s pop-up café will begin on Wednesday, April 24th with a special introductory rate of $32.95 per person. Sally hasn’t released the evening’s menu yet, but she promises it will be gorgeous! Seating for the first night’s dinner is limited to 40 people, but more seats will open as the weeks move on. Reservations are required. Once a weekly flow is established, Amanti Vino will join in with wine pairings.

SO Tasty Vegan is the project of vegan chef Sally Owens, a.k.a. "SO". Sally has always been innovative in the kitchen – not always by choice due to a dairy allergy – but when she went vegan she quickly learned it was her entire lifestyle that was transformed, not merely her diet. The passion, heightened awareness, and artistry born out of her relationship with food unexpectedly flowed into every dimension of her life. SO Tasty Vegan is Sally’s commitment to share her discoveries with anyone and everyone interested in cultivating a better understanding of the intricate relationship between their food, body, and lifestyle. 

The SO Tasty Vegan Pop-Up Café begins at 7:00pm on April 24th at Trattoria Rustica, located at 517 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at (973) 783-3436. Visit SO Tasty Vegan’s Facebook page for schedules and menus. (Note: there will be no dinner on May 6th.) You can bet that Hotwill be on hand on the 24th and we’ll let you know all about it on Meatless Monday.