Old Canal Inn Craft Beer Social Club

The Old Canal Inn (OCI), home of the Death Seat Burger, has launched their Craft Beer Social Club.

The Conca brothers, who own and operate the OCI, are dedicated to the preservation and history of the OCI. The Craft Beer Social Club is the modern day incarnation of the The Old Canal Social Club that existed in the 1950's.

There is no fee to join the club. Here's how it works: you receive a membership card with the 45 club beers listed on the back. The club includes styles like lagers, weiss, pale ales, brown ales, stouts and porters, belgium, speicalty and miscellanceous beers like Long Trail Blackberry Wheat and Six Point Righteous Rye Ale, IPA's, and a variety of seasonabl brews. After 15 and 30 beer credits are compiled, the member receives a $10 OCI gift card for the purchase of beer of food. After achieving 45 credits, the member's name will be engraved upon the prestigious members of honor plaque, which entitles the member to an additioanl $10 gift card and VIP updates for all future events.

Click here to see the HFTK video from the OCI.