Five Acre Farms Butters Me Up

by Melody Kettle in

I've had a life long affair with butter. I love to smear it, spread it, melt it, brown it, and most especially, I love to make it!

But, as any butter enthusiast knows, your butter is only as good as the cream you made it with. The better your cream, the better your butter!

I recently received a personal delivery of Five Acre Farm milk and cream, being told that Five Acre cream makes "the best" butter.

Where is Five Acre Farms? Well, to begin, Five Acre Farms is not a farm at all. It is, instead, "a brand of local food products that are carried at the supermarket." The mission of Five Acre is to "bring the farmers market to the supermarket™."

The Five Acre Farms products are grown and prepared within 275 miles of where they are sold. Why 275 miles?

According the Five Acre Farms website:

The federal food safety law defines local food as being produced within 275 miles of where it’s sold, and we think that’s reasonable for the Northeast. For comparison, Walmart considers a day’s drive to be local, and The Park Slope Coop in Brooklyn defines local as coming from within 500 miles.

Five Acre Farms isn't just milk. In addition to the dairy products, I also received Five Acres Farms smackingly (it's a new word) fresh apple juice, and rich and delicious apple sauce.

But back to the butter. It was fantastic. Unlike most other butters I have made, it was remarkably white, as was the buttermilk that was released fromt the cream while beating.

There was also a noticably different flavor profile to the butter. I refrained from culturing the cream because I wanted the pure taste of the product. It lacked that familiar, movie theatre, butter scent. It was instead, almost pastural, and forgive me here, milky. The body of the butter was ultra creamy, yet light, with a clean, palate coating finish that dissolved graciously on the tongue.

Five Acre Farms products are available to Stop & Shop and Fairway.