Top 5 Most Viewed Videos of 2011

Happy New Year! Hot From The Kettle® has shot a lot of videos over the past year.  So which was the most popular? Here's HFTK's Top 5 Most Viewed Videos! 

The first video Hot From The Kettle shot in January 2011, titled, "How To Eat Ethiopian" at Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant in Montclair, is the #1 most viewed video of 2011, with a total of 12,281 views. 

At #2 and #3 are two segments from the ever popular pork curing series with Lou Palma,   "How To Make Proscuitto, Part 3," followed by "How to Make Proscuitto, Part 4."

Coming in at #4 is "Phaal: The World's Hottest Curry at Brick Lane," which was shot in August at Brick Lane Curry House in Montclair with the gas mask wearing chef himself, Karthik Kumar. And at #5 is our most recent - and my personal favorite - video shot on Thanksgiving Day at Casa Kettle, titled "Cuban Style La Caja China Pig Roast."

Note: Hot From The Kettle's most popular video of all time is  "How to Make Proscuitto: Part 1" with over 14,581 views, that video is not included on the list because was shot at the end of 2010.  View were compiled from the original Montclaircentric YouTube Channel and the current Hot From The Kettle YouTube Channel.







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