Char-Broil Gets a New Awning

The much loved Montclair Char-Coal Broil, 613 Valley Road, Upper Montclair, often referred to by locals simply as the "Char-Broil," is sporting a new awning that reads "Montclair Diner."

This is a good sign (no pun intended) to those of us who have frequented the Char-Broil for years. But according to owner, Gus Makris, the date for the re-opening is still undetermined. I spoke briefly with Gus at the front table of the Char-Broil, where he could often be found sipping coffee. He is, like the rest of us, waiting for his diner to re-open.

During the temporary closure due to an electrical kitchen fire on April 19, 2011, Gus has received countless outpourings of compassion and support from the community, from adults and children alike, some even offering their "piggy bank" to help with the re-construction effort.

When will the diner re-open? Progress has been slow. Makris estimates the the Char-Broil will re-open well before the holiday season. Let's keep our fingers crossed, I'm really missing their Greek Salad and French Toast!

Stay tuned to Patch for an update on the Montclair Diner's progress next week.

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