3,2, or 1? Here Comes Irene!

Only one left at A&P“We should start making ice!”  That was the first thing my husband said to me this morning.  “Huh? Why?” I asked. “For the coolers! If we lose power for a couple of days, it can help keep the steaks and cheese from spoilage.”   “Oh,” I said, “right.”  And, as a matter of course, I resumed sipping my double espresso.

This may be the calm before the storm in most parts of the northeast, but in the Kettle household, my husband, Mr. JK, has shifted into full throttle preparation mode.  He’s a former boy scout, a former MP, and law professor who is constantly thinking in a precautionary manner.  “Now’s the time to prepare! You don’t react, you act!” he declared in response to my lethargic, and somewhat dubious, reception of his very thorough and doomsdayesq preparations.

Mr. JK has big plans for today; when he So many varieties! How to pick just one? comes from work he’ll begin removing all the air-conditioning units from the windows and putting down the storm windows.  

Then, he will begin securing “anything that may become projectile,” including, but not limited to, tying all patio and porch furniture together, moving all outdoor plants and potted trees to the foyer room, and bringing any and all children’s bikes and toys into the basement.

Mr. JK plans on parking at least one of our vehicles in a safe place, off-site. Why? According to my husband, if the high winds blow a tree down into the driveway, it may be days before the tree is cleared, leaving us without automotive mobility.  He also plans on filling all the cars with full tanks of gas, in the event that the pumps are rendered inoperable.

JK's magnetic flashlightMr. JK also advised that this is a good time to take care of that huge pile of laundry and further suggested I go shopping for food and beverage that could survive a few days without refrigeration.  So while, Mr. JK is counting batteries, and locating flashlights and the portable radio, paying on-line bills before the computers go out, double-checking emergency kits, and making sure “all secondary power sources are operable,” I’ll be following up on candles, matches, wine, and cured meats.