Become a Phaal Curry Monster!

On September 18th, Brick Lane Curry House in Montclair will host a Phaal Challenge! Want to participate? The rules are simple:  

 1. The challenge is open to the first 12 people to arrive at 6:30pm on September 18th to take the challenge. The cost to participate is $10.

2. A bowl of Phaal (Lamb or chicken), rice and Naan bread will be served.

3. Contestants can bring their libation of choice.

4. First one to finish will be the 2011 Phaal Curry Monster, have their picture on the wall as the winner and get a gift certificate to eat at any Brick Lane Curry House, and a plaque on a "their" table at the Montclair Brick Lane Restaurant. The winner will be included in the Phaal Hall of Fame website, on the Brick Lane Facebook page and have the bragging rights of being a Phaal Curry Monster for 2011.

5. The Brick Lane Phaal challenge is in cooperation with Hot from the Kettle®, and will be streamed live on the Brick Lane Facebook Page, and here on Hot from the Kettle. 

6. Hot From The Kettle® will be shooting a video of the Phaal challenge.  The winner will be the star of that video.

If you do take the Phaal Curry challenge, be warned, drinking water will only make matters worse.  Chef Kumar advises that the best thing to quell the heat is to drink is dairy, specifically a mango lassi.

Watch Chef Kumar create the Phaal!

Want to watch a Phaal Challenge? Check out the Man vs. Food episode at Brick Lane in New York.