Mitchell Altholz meets Gordon Ramsay on the set of Kitchen Nightmares


Mitchell Altholz with Gordon RamsayCheck out this photo of Chef Mitchell Altholz and Gordon Ramsay! 

Following dinner at Zod Arifai's restaurant, Blu, Chef Mitchell bumped into the rip-roaring celebrity chef on the set of Fox's Kitchen Nightmares,  which is currently shooting an episode at Leone's on South Park St. in Montclair. 

Here's what Mitchell had to say about the encounter:

I saw him on the street ( I know he speaks French) and I started to speak to him in French.  Then he asked me if I was French and I said "No, but I lived there for 7 years and worked with Paul Bocuse." He said "no sh*t." Then we talked a little about The Manor.  I wanted to hate him but he was so nice and funny.   

Hot From The Kettle wishes Leone's a wonderful make-over! Look for the Kitchen Nightmares episode to air on Fox sometime in Fall.
19 South Park Street
Montclair, NJ 07042
*photo credit, Mitchell Altholz