Grilled Peaches & Market Madness!

James Matarazzo, Jr and Melody KettleIn the summer there’s no better place for a foodie to be than at a Farmers’ Market. This morning, on my usual outing to the Montclair Farmers’ Market, I met James Matarazzo, Jr. who was grilling up some fresh Jersey peaches and handing them out to shoppers. 

Though more of a southern tradition, grilled peaches can be enjoyed just as easily -and deliciously - with our own sweet, local Jersey peaches.  The light char of the grill lends just enough caramelization to the fruit, creating a candy-like effect.  Mind you, the peaches will char quickly, so don’t walk away from your grill.  Also, as James notes, a firmer peach makes for better grilling, as the softer peaches tend to stick more.

During our visit we also spotted Chef Ryan DePersio, owner of the acclaimed Fascino in Montclair and Bar Cara in Bloomfield. Ryan was picking up some fresh local produce for his Market Madness menu currently available at Fascino, featuring fresh produce from Vacchiano Farms, Matarazzo Farms, and others.

Take a look at the video!