My Big Cheese Score!


This morning, Mr. Hot and I took a trip to Corrado's Market in Clifton.  My intention was to pick up some spare ribs, and re-stock my supply of Turkish bread, to which I've recently become heavily addicted.

En route to the bread and meat, we passed  through Corrado's "World of Cheese," when my bargain-hunting husband noticed a sign, "Super Sale Stilton $1.99." 

"Don't you like Stilton?" he asked.

"Yeah, but that can't be right," I said. So I picked it up, looked at it, gave it a good sniff, and said "maybe it is, let's get some." So I grabbed five wedges.

The "World of Cheese" then proved even more wondrous when I spotted a wheel of St. Agur Blue.  The wheel, 5.76 lbs, was priced at $17.22, that's $2.99 per pound.  I grabbed that too.  I was sent further over the moon when I noticed a wheel of Explorateur.  I did a bit of a double-take when I read the price sticker: $13.10.  That meant that this wheel of one of the most heavenly triple-cremes was priced at only $2.99 per pound.  Guess what I did next? Yes! I grabbed it!

Finally, we made our way into the bread section where I filled the cart with about a dozen Turkish breads. 

We were circling the meats when I zeroed in on a slab of whole bacon. And well, since I'm not once at exercising temperance and discretion, especially when it come to pork, the fine slab was mine as well.

A thorogh shopping day indeed, and quite the cheese score!  For more food porn - I mean pics - visit the gallery.