Tonight is Project Graduation & Weenie Fest IV

Montclair has its share of great neighborhoods and grand streets.  But really - Midland Ave is the place to be (all apologies to all my Erwin Park friends). 

Let's face it, Midland is the route of choice for the 10K race, the (sometimes not on the) 4th of July Parade, and tantamount to those, Project Graduation.  While other residents on streets in Montclair get to watch the buses chock full of high school graduates pass by, only Midland Avenue celebrates Project Graduation in conjunction with the infamous celebration of encased meat - Weenie Fest!

A fine pork product from Rosario's Butcher Shop in MontclairThis year marks the fourth anniversary of Weenie Fest, organized by Tom & Janet Kaz.  The event is by invitation only - sort of, and is a celebration of all tubular pork, beef, veal, chicken products, of a variety of ethnic pursaisions.  It's an international sausage party!

So Midland Ave is ready, bring on the buses and bring on the weenies! We've got tents and porches! Stay tuned for pics and maybe even a video - - only on HOT FROM THE KETTLE! ;)

Congratulations to the Class of 2011!

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