Grandma's Recipe Box: #2 Death By Chocolate

Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines are two of my Grandmother's biggest heroes. She's a huge fan of boxed cake mix!  In fact, she thinks it's absolutely ridiculous when I insist on making a cake from scratch. 

Here's the second recipe out of Grandma's Recipe box, a very decadent confection, Death By Chocolate!  Although it's incredibly easy, relying heavily on instant ingredients - boxed cake mix, instant mousse and Cool Whip -  the tall, chocolately Trifle makes a very impressive appearance. 



1 Chocolate Cake Mix

1 Cup Kahlua Liquor

4 Boxes Chocolate Mousee (or Instant Chocolate Pudding)

4 Bars of BarNone Candy, chopped

2 Large tubs of Cool Whip

Bake chocolate cake as directed.  When cooled lightly pierce the top with a fork and drizzle with Kahlua. Cover cake with plastic wratp and refrigerate overnight.  

The next day, break up cake into small pieces and layer, cake, mousse 9or pudding), BarNone, and Cool Whip.  Repeat layers until the Trifle bow is full.