Trick or Treat: McDonald's Gives Apples! How About You?

by Melody Kettle

Halloween just doesn't do it for me. I suppose it's because I've never had a huge sweet tooth, even as kid.  Now, as mother, I anticipate the horrors of sugar melt downs, and even more gruesome, the inevitable eveing of nausea that undoubtedly awaits. 

Shockingly enough, some McDonald's, albeit in at California locations in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura county, are handing out apples at their stores this Halloween.  According to Food Network's blog, Healthy Eats:

It’s common for stores and restaurants to hand out treats on Halloween, but a few McDonald’s locations won’t be handing out candy this year. A handful of McDonald’s locations in Southern California are doling out apples. That’s right –  trick-or-treaters under 12 years old will receive a free bag of apple slices. The campaign is designed to promote the new Happy Meal option of apple slices instead of french fries.

So, I guess McDonald's isn't all that evil after all?  Or are they?  What will you be handing out for Halloween?  Let us know your thoughts.

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