Montclair Restaurants: The New, The Improved and The Confused

by Melody Kettle

Montclair continues to keep food bloggers on their toes.  Here’s a quick look at what’s new on the food scene.

Montclair's newest restaurant, Fin Raw Bar & Kithen, 183 Glenridge Ave., opened it's doors Wednesday for dinner service.

Samba Montclair, which we told you about in August has new signage hanging above the location.  According owner, Ilson Goncalves, he is working with the chef to develop the new evening menu.  He anticipates completion and the first Samba diner service by next month. 

Across the street from Samba, the new and improved Mexicali Rose appears to be completely redecorated, looking sleeker and more nuevo latino than it previously did.

On Bloomfield Avenue, a Mexican restaurant, Casa Piquin, has opened in the former location of Cilantro (and previously, The Nook) Casa Piquin appears to be open for business.

Also on Bloomfield Avenue, Tee Time, located in one-half of Thai Chef, Tee Time, an eatery serving French and American brunch, lunch and diner, has been a bit of mystery over the past few months.  According to management, Tee Time will be reopening soon, focusing on brunch and lunch. The tables appear to be set for a more casual dining experience.  

Stay tuned to Hot From The Kettle for more details on  True North Osteria, which opened recently in the former site of Chef's Lab at 345 Bloomfield Avenue.

We’ll keep you posted! Click Here for more photos!