Hot From The Kettle™: Down Neck Part 1

Back in 2010, we ran a poll asking you to vote for your favorite “Ironbound” restaurant. Fornos of Spain, located 47 Ferry Street in Newark, emerged victorious.

Soon thereafter Hot From The Kettle began planning the journey “down neck.” We received help from Vince Baglivo, Director of Communications at the Ironbound Business Improvement District.

To enrich our Ironbound tour, I enlisted further assistance from Baristaville locals and Down Neck enthusiasts, Donato DiGeronimo, Anne Bruyere-Prince, and Frank Gerard Godlewski to join us on our trip. (pictured from left to right: Frank Gerard Godlewski, Anne Bruyere-Prince, Melody Kettle, Donato DiGeronimo )

We were graciously welcomed by manager of Fornos, Andres Rodrigues and his father, owner, Camillo Rodgriues. I went behind the bar with veteran bartender, Fernando Loys, who has been making Sangria for over thirty years, and learned the secret to their utterly divine red Sangria.



We then had the pleasure of being treated to an additional pitcher of blue Sangria made with white wine and blue curacao, while feasting on delicious Valencia Paella.

For a little local history and the secret to Forno’s Red Sangria, click play.



Stay tuned for “Down Neck Part Two.” In the meantime, let me hear your suggestions for where Hot From The Kettle should visit in the upcoming months?

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