Brookdale Park: Picnic or Dining al Fresco?

by Melody Kettle

Picnicking is serious business in Baristaville. While I did spot a hero sandwich or two, a remarkably broad range of gastronomic ethnicities were represented. One blanket was completely covered with what looked like an entire Chinese food menu, another party had prosciutto, olives, salami and cheeses, another a bowl of home-made babaganoush, while another had a savory Israeli treat made of phyllo dough (definitely not baklava).

Baristaville picnickers are willing to share, and eat I did. One of the first families I visited shared with me their homemade mac'n'cheese, of which the matriarch refused to disclose a closely guarded secret ingredient. The next blanket offered asparagus spears, and then the third trumped the asparagus, with a taste of crab cakes. With all this, I couldn't help but think, is this really a picnic or is it a moveable feast. Either way, we all ate very well and the fireworks rocked. A great way to start the holiday weekend. Were you there -- and what did you eat?