Remember Panoramic Eggs? I do!

I was strolling through Dulce Candy Boutique with my brood when all of a sudden I encountered a blast from Easter past: Panoramic Easter Eggs.

I remembered receiving these confections as a child, and enduring the bitter-sweet torture of not being allowed to bite into the sugar shell. So, I would stealthily whittle a chunk of sugar from the back, or simply lick the egg all over just to get a taste of the sugar. Fond memories!

So when I saw these eggs, I was so excited, I bought one for each of the kids and one for myself - just kidding! The point is timeless Easter candy does exist.

Co-owner, Melissa Tripoli, says the retro eggs have been very popular this year, and another big seller are the Barley pops, and foil carrots (pictured below).

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Ah' Pizz Expands

Last summer, Hot From The Kettle visited Ah'Pizz, home of one of New Jersey's best Neopolitan Pizzas, to learn the secret to their Pizza Vera. 

We are pleased to report that Ah'Pizz has recently expanded, adding an additional room for private parties, and a mozzarella bar.

Ah'Pizz is among the few Montclair restaurants to have expanded during a period marked by closings and empty storefronts.  I asked owner of Ah'Pizz, Michael LaMorte, how that feels:

It’s a wonderful feeling.  When I'm here, I go up to every table, and I’ve never had a complaint. We’re all about quality.  It's a passion, not just a business - we really love it.  

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