VIDEO: Gary's Wine 20th Annual Grand Tasting

Check out the video from Gary's Wine & Marketplace 20th Annual Grand Tasting and have an peek at exclusive 2009 Bordeaux wines.

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The Bomb Launches in Montclair

BOMB Wines, an artisan wine company founded by Montclair resident, Susan Weeden, and Soho resident Jim Carney, is launching their 2009 Oregon Pinot Noir in Montclair and NYC this week.

Susan and Jim have been friends for over twenty years.  Jim became fascinated with Oregon Pinots during his time at the University of Oregon, and Susan fell in love with wines while living in London and travelling through Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France. 

Through BOMB, Susan and Jim have combined their enophile passions, and have brought on renowned Willamette Valley winemaker, Tony Rynders to handle operations in the vineyards.

BOMB is an artsy wine. According to Jim, "Making a truly superb Pinot Noir was our first priority, but we also wanted to make a statement with our brand that was vibrant and different."  Susan feels that "art and wine are a natural marriage."  The BOMB label is an original design, painted by NYC artist Jason Borbay, known for his distinctive collages made up of New York Post headlines.

Only 500 cases of BOMB were made.  I've had it; it's a very rich Pinot with nice, long finish.

Want to get bombed? Here's where you could get it: Bomb Pinot Noir is available at Angelbecks in Montclair for $49.99.  They are also offering a case discount.  You could also find the Bomb at Upstairs in Montclair for $75 a bottle. Fairchild's Market in Roseland, NJ will be carrying it at the beginning of November, and Bobby Vans Steakhouse on 54th st in NYC is selling it on their wine list.

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