Elevation Burger Expands Menu With Mushrooms and Organic Bacon

With Pig & Prince grabbing so many of the local foodie headlines, everyone missed the other major porcine news: Elevation Burger introduced Organic Bacon!

Elevation Burger holds a special place on our palates because their motto “Ingredients Matter” isn’t just a slick slogan created by an ad agency, it actually has some meat behind it - literally!

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Who's Next?

The writing was on the wall long before the paper was on the windows.  32 Church has temporarily closed shop and taped a conspicuous sign to the door that states, “UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP RE-OPENING SOON”.

On the heels of Tallmadge, Market, and countless other unfortunate or ill fated food businesses, it leads one to question, “Who’s Next?”

So you tell me, in your opinion, which will be the next restaurant to paper it’s windows, close it’s doors, or reconsider its business plan? Could it be another Church St. establishment like, Tosca or Gelato Guiliana? Or maybe a Montclair institution like La Couronne? Or perhaps QBA, Bamboo, Marrakech, The Southern Belle, or Cecere’s?

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Market Closing! The Honest Dog Opens This Friday!

The Bad News: The organic, picket fenced restaurant, Market, located 12 Church Street, in Montclair, is closing!

 The Good News: This Friday, May 13th, a new restaurant, The Honest Dog, will be opening in the same space.

 Sadly, especially for a foodie, Market's departure marks another closing of a local restaurant affected by the current economic climate.  According to the owner of the now defunct Market, Joshua Cedarbaum,“unfortunately we are closing Market. We had a great two years, but we just don't have enough business.”

 If you don’t have dinner plans for this Friday, why not give The Honest Dog a try? The eatery will be offering very affordable (more good news) comfort food served in a casual atmosphere. 

 Are you surprised Market closed? What are your expectations of The Honest Dog? Do you think they'll serve Hot Dogs?

 As more information becomes available, we'll be sure to post.


Modern Cooking Techniques with Chef Tre Ghoshal

I recently visited with the always imaginative Chef Tre Ghoshal who prepared a few of his new creations, heavily influenced by modern cuisine and molecular gastronomy. 

Watch the video to see Chef Tre's tuna carpaccio with spherical dressing, a "deep sea wind", and an incredibly thrilling preparation of cranberry sorbet made with liquid nitrogen.