"Montclair The Show" Premieres at Montclair Art Museum

This Thursday, February 7, 2013, the Montclair Art Museum will host the first public premiere of Montclair's docu-travel show, Montclair The Show directed by Mido Emad. 

The first screening will be at 5:30 pm in Leir Hall, and the second screening will be at 9:00 pm, also in Leir Hall.

Can't make it to the premiere?  No worries. Four thousand DVDs of Montclair The Show will be available for purchase in local shops and businesses.

Destination Montclair is also airing a segment hosted by Katya Wowk, where Mido and Melody (that's me!) discuss the making of Montclair The Show.  Watch the segment below:

Click here to read more about the private screening of Montclair The Show, which took place in October, 2012 at Halcyon Seafood Brasserie.


Hot From The Kettle™: An Ethiopian Experience!

Each time I go to Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant, I find myself warmed from the inside out.  

Of course this can be explained on a chemical basis.  Ethiopian cooking is dominated by warming spices like ginger, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom, not to mention the capsaicin packing spice mixture, berbere

There's an intangible warmth at Mesob resonates beyond food science.

If you've ever hesitated about going to Mesob, or any ethnic restaurant that suggests eating without utensils, do yourself a favor, put the knife and fork down, use a moist towelette, and dig in. 

Tear the injera, and with a claw like motion scoop combinations of wots.  Then mix and match as you like, perhaps doro wot (tradtional Ethiopian stew) along with farmer's cheese or greens.  It's delicious fun!

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